2 New Podcasts plus new sign in procedure, suggested offering

Dear Yogis, if you’ve been to our classes over the last 8 months than you have probably seen us setting up our handy live digital recorder in front of our class. We have been diligently recording each class to create a data base of classes as your personal resource for Yoga Galactica on the go. We have over a hundred classes recorded and it’s now just a matter of getting them audio-ready and out to you. With that being said we are releasing two live classes today on our podcast hosting service, Podbean. Here is the link to our page Yoga Galactica on Podbean.  We have our first class,  “live from LA Mother”, a venue in Hollywood we had a short stint teaching at.  Special musical guest was Torkom Ji.  The next class we posted was from Sept 13, live from The Alchemy Castle.  Our musical guest that evening was Durian Songbird, from SongBird Ocarina’s.

We will now have a sign-in sheet for yoga.  We ask that you please sign in and by doing so you are also signing the release of liability waiver. This is not optional if you plan on taking our class.  In the combined 20 years of teaching Yoga neither Kam nor I have ever had a student injury during class. As we grow we need to protect ourselves and  ensure that you know that your are practicing by your own will and to go as easy as you need to on yourself.

As always our class is offered to the community regardless of your financial situation. When practicing at a venue that we have to rent the suggested contribution is between $20-$10, with no max and $10 minimum. This can be paid cash upon arriving as well as paypal option. If you are just unable to donate please contact us prior and we can coordinate a seva work/trade program. Thank you for understanding.

Lastly, as the days get shorter and the weather more brisk. You can hardly call it a season change here in LA but the temp drop is enough to be noticeable during out outdoor evening class.  This week will be one of our last weeks outside at The Alchemy Castle.  It is our hope that we can still do classes up there however it is too small indoors for us to pack all you beautiful people in. We may even have a new place as early as next week. Stay Tuned.  With that being said