It is our mission to share healing modalities of breath work, yoga, plant medicine, and sound therapy with as many people as possible. These techniques have transformed our lives so much and today we as humans need them more than ever. We want to empower each practitioner to his or her innate healing abilities and remind them that living in a happy, healthy body is possible for everyone. Join us on this journey through the cosmos inside and out.

Kamala and Siri have been teaching together and developing their yoga fusion blend since 2010.

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Tuesday and Thursday at 730pm we hold class at our studio in Toluca Lake: The Space-Shift.  There are 18 spots total and RSVP is necessary.  Click Here to sign up

All Are Welcome!!!

Please bring a mat and water bottle to all of our classes and for our evening class you can also bring blankets for the sound bath and a hot beverage vessel for Siritea.


Our weekly classes fuse ancient and modern modalities including kundalini yoga, breath work, hatha yoga, sound therapy, visualization and plant medicine.*

Siri and Kamala bring love, truth and authenticity to their teaching. Each class is a ceremony of self and only you choose how deep you would like to go. First time practitioners as well as experienced yogis will benefit from this experience. We are guaranteed to “Make Shift Happen.

Our philosophy is deeply rooted in service and it is with great pleasure that we offer this class to the community as our way of giving back.

Kambo Shift

Full mind, body and spirit reset!

Our mission is to make our classes accessible to all so we diligently record our each class to be posted here. Simply plug in headphones or stereo speakers and follow along. Our cast includes live follow along classes, sound therapy sessions, informational talks, and musical offerings.

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Our catalogue of live full length classes as well as shorter “quick shift” meditation, breathing, and sound therapy videos.

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This ancient form of yoga is a science and tool for consciousness. Fundamentally it focuses on getting life force, prana or breath into the body to activate the chakras, the energy centers that reside up and down the spine. Breath work is linked with each dynamic exercise in order to achieve a fast acting effect on the body.


All the major functions of the human body rely on having adequate amounts of oxygen present in your system. Each class starts with conscious breathing deep into the lungs and into the belly and the rest of the body. This vital oxygen is the fuel for your practice and your inner fire.


Sound offers the practitioner the ability to go deeper into a state of healing and transformation. We use quartz crystal singing bowls, didgeridoo, gongs, drums, 432 hz music and often other live musicians to help take your experience to the next level. Each class ends with a deeply relaxing sound bath.

Let's Get Shifted!
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