Yoga Galactica at 2 healing events - Yoga Galactica
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Yoga Galactica at 2 healing events

Yoga Galactica at 2 healing events

Hello friends,  it has been an honor to be part of two very special healing events here in LA.  One took place on the weekend of Oct. 1-2 in west LA.  Click for Full Spectrum Retreat INFO, The facebook page for the event, plus a gallery of photos from the event.

We will be working with the same organizers for this Saturday’s (10/15) healing.  Yoga Galactica will be doing a very special extended sound bath accompanied by acupuncture for a truly transformational experience.  Please Click Here for more info. It’s Saturday 10/15 from 230pm-530pm at a beautiful renovated church in Santa Monica.  You can purchase tickets RIGHT HERE!

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